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The ANIE has been published!

We can hardly believe it, but after almost a decade our unique book on math assessment is published. We were very excited to partner with Pembroke Publishers who helped make the book a reality.

The ANIE (Assessment of Numeracy in Education) represents a culmination of almost 10 years of results based research into helping students learn math better. It takes the form of a deceptively simple one-page template upon which students show their learning about a single learning outcome.  Originally we had set out to find an appropriate tool to use in our own classrooms to compliment the performance standard based assessment work we were doing in language arts, but we quickly found that numeracy assessments had not developed to the same extent as the literacy tools we were using.  A survey of numeracy assessments found that most traditional assessments fit into two categories: (1) Legitimacy by volume and (2) legitimacy by complexity.  In both cases, these assessments either asked a lot of questions (volume) or used word problems and language to differentiate student learning (complexity).  For our purposes, we were looking for an assessment that could be assessed using performance standards, but without the complexity of unnecessary language. We developed the ANIE from the ground up as a performance based approach to teaching and learning math.

In essence – if you are looking for assessments that will foster creative and critical thinking in your students – the ANIE may what you are looking for.

ANIE Book Pic


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